Kontron 4U Backplane xPB-13E9P3: PICMG® 1.3-compliant backplane for PCI Express Gen 2 system designs

COTS backplane offers impressive bandwidth and configuration flexibility with 32 PCIe lanes and three PCI slots.

Kontron Micro Client IIA 170: Intel® AtomT based touch panel PC now available in five sizes

Kontron Micro Client IIA 170: Intel® AtomT based touch panel PC now available in five sizes.

Eching, Germany, December 14, 2010 - Kontron's fanless panel PC, the Micro Client IIA is now available in five sizes up to 17 inches. The Intel® AtomT-based touch panel PC enables Kontron to support the trend towards ever increasing comfort in application management. The resistive touch display offers ample display area for complex visualization applications including industrial automation, process control and facility management.

New Kontron Industrial Silent Server Generation with Intel® Q57 Express Chipset, Intel® CoreT i3/i5/i7 processors and improved housing

Today Kontron announced the  next generation of Kontron Industrial Silent Servers (KISS).The Kontron 4U rackmount server KISS 4U Q57 features a system chassis that has been completely redesigned for faster maintenance, higher temperatures and improved protection against demanding environments.

Kontron KISS 4U KTC-5520 Transportation - a powerful passenger infotainment server

High performance, railway - compliant ruggedness and comprehensive management functions for mobile infotainment applications.

New Kontron Embedded Box PCs CB 511 and CB 753: Robust and fanless multi-purpose Box PCs with configurable interface ranges for industrial applications

Eching, Germany, 24. March 2011 - Kontron has announced two new robust and fanless Embedded Box PCs which feature a range of industrial interfaces, the ultra-compact Embedded Box PC CB 511 and the Embedded Box PC CB 753. The Kontron Embedded Box PC CB511, which has been developed to operate in especially tough environmental conditions, and is equipped with an Intel® AtomT N270, boasts excellent energy efficiency and is designed for the extended temperature range of -15°C to +60 °C.

Kontron Embedded Box PC CB 752 with Intel® AtomT N270 Processor now available for extended ambient temperatures

The Kontron Embedded Box PC CB 752,introduced by Kontron in November 2009, is now available for ambient temperatures from -15 °C to +60 °C. The electronics are equipped with particularly robust specified components and the whole system was fully tested in the climate chamber.

Flexible High Performance

M2M functionalities are becoming increasingly more important competitive factors for appliances, machines and system installations. Due to growing demands for productivity, flexibility and safety, customised configurable x86 systems, which are already available as application-ready platforms, are being increasingly recommened, says Claus Giebert.

In earlier years, M2M or telematics was a matter of quite small data volumes, which were simply sent in one direction. These days by using M2M, distinctly complex applications can also be implemented both bi-directionally and with uninterrupted connection times. However, several changes were needed to achieve this: firstly the complete performance of the network had to be upgraded. Originally GSM still only delivered a data transfer rate of just 9600 bit/s at V.110, whereas today we have UMTS frequency bands of up to 7.2Mbit/s on HSDPA.

CB 753 Dual Head

Maximale Grafikleistung, lfterlose Performance, limitierte Platzverhltnisse - dies sind nur einige der Anforderungen, denen die Box PCs von heute ohne mit der Wimper zu zucken gerecht werden mssen. Gerade angesichts der starken Nachfrage nach Multi-Display-Kiosk-Applikationen, Digital Signage Stehlen mit beidseitigen Displays, Infotainment-Installationen und digitalen Werbeflchen sind kompakte Box-PC-Systeme mit integrierten Grafikkarten gefragt, die zwar lfterlos betrieben werden knnen, aber zugleich ein Maximum an Grafikpower bieten.

Als seit Jahren erfahrener und zuverlssiger Partner im Box PC-Bereich hat Kontron die Zeichen der Zeit erkannt und basierend auf dem bereits existierenden Box PC CB753 gem dem Motto "mit dem Zweiten sieht man besser" den neuen Box PC CB753 Dual Head konzipiert:

Fanless Box PCs - CB Series

The fanless Kontron CB series is designed for a broad spectrum of applications. In sectors like medical, transportation, automation, point of sales and digital signage benefit from the CB Series' longterm availability, life cycle management and extreme reliability.

Reliable embedded KISS family

Performance and confi guration are based on Kontron's extensive range of CPU boards and backplanes, which allows them to be adapted to meet a very wide range of requirements.