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Turck acquires 50% interest in Chartwell Automation

Siemens announces to acquire Dresser-Rand in a $7.6 billion deal

Beijer Electronics invests 175 Million SEK in Industrial Data Communication

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High Precision Positioning for Applications  
High Precision Positioning for Applications in Industry & Science.

Phytron builds high precision and smooth running stepper motors for industrial, scientific and space applications. Stepper motors have a very robust design and position very accurately even without fragile feedback electronics. The phytron 2-phase hybrid stepper motors have evolved and perfected through the use of materials and manufacturing processes optimal for unusual environmental conditions in industry, science and space. Vacuums up to 10-11 mbar, cryogenic environments down to -269 oC, high temperatures up to +200 oC, radiations of up to 106 J / kg or extreme vibration loads - with minimal particulate emissions.

Phytron controllers come with the ability of encoder, resolver and temperature evaluation, with a LabView-Driver and a large variety of Bus-Interfaces. Our specialized motors and high precision controllers drive a large variety of high-tech applications from electron microscopes. They drive particle accelerator experiments, optical instruments in satellites, sample handling in molecular analysis devices, filter wheels in sputtering systems, or sample transportation in liquid nitrogen. Customers from different industries and research areas rely on our decades of experience in highly demanding fields of application.

Phytron is a customer-oriented high-tech company certified to ISO 9001 and EN13485 and has the process know-how and experience for the successful development of your demanding application. Whether it's a tailored outer housing, ceramic bearings, high vibration and shock loads or radiation-hard designs - based on a motor series with effective customisation we get it right first time. We will assist you to combine standard components into a turnkey design that fits the bill.

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