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Human Machine Interface in Plant Automation
Human Machine Interfaces (HMI) enables workers to perform duties with the help of concise automation equipment via an interface instead of switches and levers. As a tool for convergence of visual computing and automation control systems, industrial automation with human machine interface systems usually consist of LCD panels, often with touch screen capability, mounted on the control consoles of industrial automation equipment. In industrial automation, human machine interface systems face challenges of creating scalable HMI product families with varying performance levels, scalable graphics resolutions and different display types.
Featured Products
Linear Assembly line(Fully Automatic)
Titan Automation Solutions offers reliable solutions based on customer requirements, considering the product variants and production volume in terms of fully automatic, lean assembly cells, Test Rigs, etc. thereby providing customer with value for their money.
Capacitive Accelerometers
Variable capacitance sensors offer benefits as a replacement for traditional piezo-resistive products in some specific applications. For a given acceleration range and bandwidth, the capacitive sensor offers a lower noise floor and a much better stability over temperature and over time.
Solenoid Valve Coils Hydraulic
The coils are manufactured on CNC winding machines. Soldering and insulation is done by skilled workers and the coils are injection moulded from PA6, GFPA 6, PPS, RYNITE, LCP and Epoxy as required for different classes of insulation.
Industry Updates
Ultra High Definition Display Manufacturing in Asia Boosted by Three New Linde Plants
MUNICH, Sep. 21, 2012
Improving electron mobility in transistors is crucial in bringing higher resolutions and higher frame rates to TVs, mobile and computing devices. The manufacture of UHD 3D displays is currently expensive, requiring the use of polysilicon transistors, which cost twice as much as those using amorphous silicon.
Press Releases
ABB receives German Federal Cartel Offices decision in power transformer investigation
Zurich, Switzerland, Thursday 20 Sep, 2012
ABB confirmed today that the German Federal Cartel Office (Bundeskartellamt) has announced its decision ending its investigation into anticompetitive practices in the German power transformer business, which occurred prior to April 2004.
Events and Exhibitions
National Robot Safety conference XXIV
Sep 24 2012 - Sep 26 2012

Indianapolis, Indiana, USA
Robotic Industries Association
Wire China 2012
Sep 25 2012 - Sep 28 2012

SNIEC, Shanghai, China
IMS 2012
Sep 24 2012 - Sep 26 2012

Bangalore International
Exhibition Centre
Bengaluru, India
IMS Foundation
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