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Electric Vehicle Charging shifts to Level-2

Electric Vehicle Charging stations have soon shifted to level-2 with most of the innovation imbibed into them. Coming ahead from the previous piece of information where the subject was ‘ABB’s Electric Vehicle Charging Equipment’, the GE’s WattstationTM is now in vogue.

GE claims Wattstation is future ready with its Smart Grid connection utility. Electric Vehicle chargers are a leap ahead in no time. Wattstation has the following three dominant and discerning features which can perhaps keep it ahead of the other herd:

  • Grid Ready
  • Fast Charging
  • Future Proof

Industry Updates


Jun 16th, 2011
Zurich, Switzerland
ABB welcomes Europe's new efficiency requirements for low voltage motors.
The requirements, in the form of Commission Regulation EC 640/2009, come into effect on June 16, 2011. Generally referred to as EU MEPS (Minimum Energy Performance Standard), the requirements cover most two, four and six pole motors in the power range 0.75-375 kW (kilowatt) for alternating current (AC) power supply frequencies of 50 and 60 Hz (Hertz).


Press Release

Jun 16th, 2011
Santa Clara, California
Agilent Technologies Introduces First Modular AXIe Embedded Controller
With built-in front panel interfaces, the new controller can easily integrate into hybrid test systems using USB and LAN. This module expands Agilent's current offering, which provides customers the choice of external controllers or the new embedded controllers, depending on specific test needs.


Events and Exhibition

Industrial Automation 2011
Jul 20th 2011 - Jul 23th 2011
Kualalampur Convention Centre
Malaysia Exhibition Services Sdn Bhd.

Automation 2011
Oct 4th 2010 - Oct 7th 2010
Mumbai, India.
IED Communications Ltd.


JS Automation Corp
Products:PC Based Control Card, Embedded System, Servo Driver/Motor, Step Driver/Motor, Ethernet I/O Module

JS Automation Corp. is a PC based control card maker, specializing in motion control technology. The company has previously acted as the system integrator on specific apparatus for 23 years. The company has focused its R&D capability on being a professional supplier of PC based control cards, embedded system, Servo driver/motor, step driver/motor and Ethernet I/O module in recent years. The design philosophy behind its products is to share the common resources of PC software and provides users with cost effective and good quality products. Both the hardware and software have proved stability in the industrial application and also accept the customer ordered design.


Products:Solenoid Valves, Pumps and Valves

Since 1960 ODE S.r.l. has been providing customized design and production of solenoid valves, pumps and valves for manufacturers and system integrators following our fundamental principles of quality, adaptability, reliability and an excellent post sale service. Our 50 years of experience in solenoid valves allows us to push towards the development of new "leading edge" design to satisfy several sectors including vending and coffee machine manufacturing, carwash manufacturing, automation, medical, food and beverage, water control and chemical. Our company has constantly evolved itself over the years to meet the requirements of rapidly changing market.
ODE has a footprint in all major countries through a distribution network able to reach any customer. Each company in our network has been specially selected and has a product's knowledge level equal to ODE itself. ODE' products are completely "Made in Italy" thanks to ODE's joining of the Defond group, which has provided investments in specialized human resources and multinational technologies. ODE' products are exported to all major countries of Europe, Middle East, North and South America, Africa, the Far East and Oceania.

  Swastik Lloyds Engineerin?g Pvt. Ltd

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