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Category : Valves actuators positioners

Key Products : Solenoid valves, Micro solenoid valves

Founded by Lamberto Vanti in Milan in 1946 the company initially manufactured components for heating and air-conditioning systems, three-pole pressure switches, electric servomotors, electromagnetic and motorised valves. The product range expanded in the 50’s with pneumatic instrumentation being added to the production of electromechanical components. The gradual development of industrial automation created a growing demand for solenoid valves, leading the company to move into this specialised field.
In the early 80’s the company began to produce first the micro solenoid valves and then the total isolation solenoid valves (DRY) and pinch solenoid valve versions in addition to the original general purpose solenoid valves. In 1998, SIRAI® became part of the US Emerson Electric Co. Group which, thanks to the synergy within the Group, led to the strengthening of the sales network worldwide.

General Purpose Solenoid Valves

General Purpose Solenoid Valve

Micro Solenoid Valves

Micro Solenoid Valves

Total Isolation Solenoid Valves (DRY)

Total Isolation Solenoid Valve

Pinch Solenoid Valves

Pinch Solenoid Valves

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