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Category : Robotics

Key Products : Industrial robots, Remote diagnosis

Stubli is a mechatronics solution provider known worldwide for the quality of its methods and processes for over a century. Stubli group has successfully transferred its mechanical engineering know-how and its technological innovativeness to robotics.

It is since 1982 that the development of the robotics business has taken firm shape. The company has deployed world class competencies for the development of new robotic solutions. Today Stubli Robotics is the leading-edge player in industrial robotics around the world with its engineering as effective and dependable as its sales and services.

Global economic situation demands all business to establish a difference with their quality and innovation in products and investment in their production facility. Stubli robots are designed to guarantee increased productivity gains and process reliability. Industrial robots from Stubli are suited for any industrial sector and application.

Stubli Robots are designed to adapt to each application of:


  • Assembly
  • Inspection
  • Cutting
  • Handling
  • Machine tending
  • Painting
  • Packaging
  • Polishing

Stubli Robots provides high performance in all areas. The principle behind development of Stubli solutions is its ability to deliver even in the most hostile environment. Stubli Robotics supplies high speed and precision robots for industrial applications such as cleanrooms, painting, pick and place, packaging and the food industry. Speed, compactness, precision and reliability are some of the matching responses of Stubli robots.

  • Enclosed and rigid structure
  • Multiple mounting configurations
  • Stubli patented reduction gear system
  • Large working envelope

A single platform, powerful and upgradeable controls all the applications. The CS8 robot controller series in the VAL3 environment controls all Stubli robots, without exception and with efficiency.

Stubli has a widest robotic range and caters to the industries of automotive, aerospace, chemicals, electronics, food processing, plastics, research and life sciences. These industrial robots are available over a complete range of four and six axis arms. The comprehensive product range includes 4-axis SCARA and 6-axis robots for payloads of up to 250 kg and is rounded off by controllers and software With the completeness of its robot range, the simplicity of its controllers and the efficiency of its services worldwide, Stubli makes a difference on each of the key points of any robotic project. Stubli has an unmatched integration of its after sale services.

  • Hotlines - are available in all countries. Technicians answer questions and diagnose problems 24/7.
  • Remote diagnosis - Remote analysis of remote electronic files and remote maintenance options by qualified technicians provide speedy and effective help.
  • Repairs - A team of technician based worldwide, provide intervention on site.
  • Spare parts - Stubli's international spread ensures local availability of spare parts.


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